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Zoning Case 2022-06-008

Rezoning case #2022-06-008 is on the agenda for the Planning Commission's meeting July 7th. This case would amend the existing PDD for the vacant property in front of Oak Hampton on Hwy 707 to be developed as multi-family residential. The plan calls for 12 three story apartment buildings with a total of 288 units plus duplexes of 14 units and townhomes of 26 units for grand total of 328 units. 

The Board of Directors of the Greater Burgess Community Association opposes this rezoning because the density is excessive for our suburban area. Attached is our letter to the Planning Commission. 
If you also oppose this rezoning you can send an email by July 6th to David Jordan, Planning Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Al Jordan
Greater Burgess Community Association
Letter to Planning Commission on ammending PDD on Hwy 707 6 28 2022
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